Novo Mesoiro Thursday 20

The Trastenda dos Contos project was born in 2012 and seeks to set up a multidisciplinary space where oral narration and other sociocultural means all come together (music, traditions, educational content, a social focus, etc.). Behind the counter is Felipe Díaz (Caxoto), an oral narrator with over 10 years’ experience on the stage since he joined Kalandraka Publishers as a warehouse assistant and moved up to take charge of the reading animation campaign in schools all over Galicia. Since then Caxoto Storyteller has been all over Galicia with his shows full of music, pleasant characters, a full range of emotions … and lots and lots of laughter.

The show this time is called “A story to listen to while we dance a waltz”, a fantastic “multi-instrumental” voyage through the universal language of music.