Popular Games
Campo da leña Monday 24

San Xoan is a date that can’t be missed in our calendar, a tradition that has formed part of our culture for centuries. Just like San Xoan, popular games are also an important part of our cultural identity.

Children play with their grandparents, friends and neighbours come together – we don’t know if we are playing or celebrating, we enjoy the time we share, the encounters that arise from the games handed down from one generation to the next and that we still love today!

The popular games workshop is designed for anyone, young or not so young, who likes playing and learning. We will be able to enjoy the classics, the popular games we learnt in the streets of our villages: the frog’s mouth, stilts, noughts and crosses, the whipping top, tug of war, sack races … these are just some of the games you will come across in the Campo da Leña on 24 June from 18:00 on.