Tigre de Papel

Sardine decoration workshop
Sagrada Familia Monday 17

Sardine decoration workshop
Barrio das Flores Wednesday 19

Sardine decoration workshop
Praza Elíptica Thursday 20

Sardine decoration workshop
San Pedro de Visma Friday 21

Sardine decoration workshop
Praza de Vigo Saturday 22

The sardine decoration workshop is an artistic activity for children of all ages.

The idea is to “create new sea species” to add a sea of a thousand different colours to our magical night.

Participants are given different sized (20, 30 cm) 3-D models of sardines made of recycled paper, which they have to transform into a unique species with acrylic paint.

The following items will be given out for this activity: the pieces to decorate (paper sardines), acrylic water paint in a wide variety of colours, paintbrushes and an apron.

The workshop will be held in a tent decorated in a marine style.

Once the activity is complete, each sardine will be given a label with the name of the “artist” and then they will be left to dry so that they can be exhibited all day long on 24 June in the Campo da Leña.

Once the event is over participants can pick up their decorated sardines at “El Tigre de Papel”, the entity organizing the workshop (Rúa Ciudad de Lugo, 26, 15004, A Coruña).